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Smile of Victory

complete personal coaching

$125 per month

Copy and pasting is a great feature when editing documents – not so much with training programs.

Pre-formatted training plans are a ‘one size fits all’ model which might work well for one person, but likely won’t work well for others. They simply do not adjust for an athlete’s specific needs and ignore many training variables. Your personal coach will guide you as you set short and long-term goals, fill your race calendar, and design an individualized training plan to get you in peak shape based on the specific ultramarathon you’re targeting.


Experienced, Educated Coach and Athlete

Work with a seasoned, UESCA certified coach who understands the specific demands of every running event.


Get Frequent Workout Feedback

Your workouts will be analyzed and your coach will provide feedback on what needs improvement and how your fitness is progressing through your free TrainingPeaks account.

Unlimited Communication With Your Coach

Frequent communication with your coach regarding run nutrition, training, gear, and race strategy so you’ll be confident on race day.

Partnership Discounts

25% discount on InsideTracker plans for a personalized nutrition and supplementation plan to help optimize performance.

20% discount on RoadiD purchases.

34% discount on Pro Compression socks and gear.

15% discount on new model shoes from from Run Moore

Develop Mental Toughness

The mental side of ultrarunning can be trained like the physical side. Your coach will support you through the training process to develop confidence and toughness. You’ll learn and adopt coping strategies during training to increase race day success.


Informed Nutritional Information and Strategies

Training the gut is a key factor in tolerance and avoiding gastrointestinal disturbances while running. The longer the run the more important proper nutrition and fueling becomes. Your coach will guide you throughout training towards perfecting your nutritional plan for race day.

Prevent Injuries

A running specific strength training plan is included in your monthly fee! Exercises that can be done at home with minimal equipment to help strengthen your body to prevent injuries.

Virtual or In-Person Options

Training and communication is virtual. However, in-person meetings are available  for those athletes located in the Lancaster, PA area upon request.

Individualized training plan on a budget

one time fee of $12 per week

An experienced UESCA Running Coach will write your 4-30 week personal training plan for a specific target event.

The plan is written based on your running history, current fitness level and goals. Simply fill out a detailed questionnaire. We will build your plan and send you on your way!

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