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rachel clinton

Rachel is a competitive ultra trail runner and a life-long athlete. She played soccer from childhood until 30 years of age, when she suffered her third severe knee injury and had to hang up her soccer cleats for good. Rachel is no stranger to overcoming injuries, surgeries and countless sessions of physical therapy to continue playing sports and running. She began running and racing events in 2010. After many years of competing in road events from 5K to the marathon, she discovered trail running and completed her first ultra in 2016. She was instantly hooked! Her favorite distance to run is 50 miles and she completed the 2021 JFK 50 with a PR of 8:34:24. 

She is a certified Running and Ultrarunning Coach with United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy (UESCA). The Ultrarunning certification was created by Jason Koop, a world renowned Ultrarunning Coach, to develop well-educated and up-to-date coaches. Possessing an ultrarunning specific certification is extremely important because the training and racing demands for an ultramarathon are very different from that of shorter, more common road running events. Before Rachel began her coaching career she was a pre-kindergarten teacher. She earned her Bachelors in Elementary Education from Millersville University. Her educational background and experience working with young students taught her the importance of individualization, flexibility, communication and data analysis which carries over to her coaching when working with an athlete.  Rachel enjoys coaching athletes of all ability levels and loves watching them achieve their unique running goals.

Rachel is a devoted Christian, wife and mother of two teenage girls. She loves spending time with her family and cheering them on in their athletic endeavors. Her husband was a competitive cyclist who now enjoys mountain biking. Her oldest daughter was a member of her high school cross country and track teams. And her youngest daughter plays field hockey and competes in USA Climbing events. Rachel also enjoys listening to health and running podcasts, reading and attending country music concerts.


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